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Solarfox makes sustainable action visible!

Six good reasons

Visualisation of multiple systems

Solarfox® displays can show the output data of various photovoltaic and/or production systems regardless of the location. Within that, the output data can be shown cumulatively or individually/per system.

Innovative bulletin board

The system is also suitable for "digital posters". Simply fade in your own content such as texts, images, Office files or websites. All information can be played on loop.

Appealing online design

A convenient online management gives you access to all display content at any time. You can very easily change or supplement all content with any web browser. An internet connection suffices.

Display different energy systems

Solarfox® displays can not only merge the output data from different monitoring systems, providers and brands, but can also visualise other forms of renewable energy such as wind power, biomass or CHPs.

Saving energy & increasing awareness

Solarfox® does not only raise awareness for the issue of renewable energy, but it also helps you to actively save energy. Energy consumption data and storage systems can also be displayed as an option.

Climate protection ambassadors

Solarfox® helps you lead by example and clearly makes your contribution to sustainability and climate protection evident. You as well can become an ambassador for sustainable energy production.

Solar display &

Innovative bulletin board

Make solar power visible

Solarfox® displays visualise the energy data of renewable energy or solar power plants in an innovative way. All figures are displayed in an infinite loop with changing content. The user can individually configure the screen presentation. Whether regarding sequence, timing or image motifs.

Modify your content at any time

All content can be adapted to the needs of the user. In addition, your own content, messages, images and videos can be added. There is also a large number of templates available. It is easily operated by means of a convenient online management via a web browser. Click on Foxdesigner to find out more.

Individual layout

Customise the layout to fit your corporate design or correspond to your personal preferences and ideas.

Individual content

Add your own content such as images, texts, videos, RSS feeds and much more.

Dynamic data

Access data dynamically and fade it in at any point.

Easy installation and quick startup

Easy setup


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Auto setup

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Compatible with many monitoring systems

Flexible use


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Solarfox sends its products to any destination in the world. If you prefer to buy our products at a local distributor please contact us for more information. 

Free demo version

If you would like to try out our online management of the displays with no strings attached, you can request our free demo version.

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