Can one separately obtain the Solarfox software?

Solarfox attaches great importance to stable and reliable systems. We develop our software in close collaboration with a tested hardware configuration,making sure that  that operators and installers get a safe and low-maintenance system. Therefore, we support no stand-alone systems or existing hardware. This is the reason why the Solarfox software can't be purchased separately. Solarfox only sells complete systems and guarantees simultaneous high reliability.

Please note:

1) All components of the SOLARFOX® Display System are very closely matched. In doing so, we set great value upon low-maintenance and stable operation,
ease of use, quick and easy installation and safety. At the same time, we would like to offer our customers competent support and service. Without
this close coordination of the individual components, we could not belie your expectations.

2) The market has a very wide range of monitors, displays and TVs. The specifications of these devices differ in some cases significantly, this affects the configuration but also the technical characteristics. There are also firmware and software updates. Small deviations can already be a source of malfunction or error here. In addition, almost all of these manufacturers now come from Asia and usually roll out updates unannounced or do not provide updates or drivers at all. This results in either a security problem or a compatibility problem. This is especially true for Smart TVs, which are designed for the private consumer and not for commercial use.

3) We recommend companies in the photovoltaic industry and in particular installers, whose main focus is the installation of PV systems, a fundamental decision in this case. If your claim is to provide high quality craftsmanship and to offer your customers a high level of service, you should focus on your core competency. You provide a work service to the customer and owe a permanently functional system; at the same time your customer should
experience a positive overall impression. This claim cannot be combined with a craft solution using e.g. upgrading existing or own monitors and/or creating
an isolated solution. The lifespan of such constructs is usually rather short-lived, and malfunctions and service operations are inevitable. It often follows discussions with customers about costs or goodwill. It may be true that the customer saved a few Euros in the purchase, but the installer and end customer are both the ‚victim‘ in the end. Often, the installer is left with the costs, because he owes a functional work performance, while the customer remembers the craft solution as a bad impression. In many cases, the end customer also received no help at all, if the knowledge is lost due to normal employee turnover at the installing company.

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Did you know that... ?

Large solar displays by Solarfox are compartible with almost every photovoltaic system

Solarfox displays can be connected to almost every photovoltaic system. The data communication takes place via the internet and thus offers a very extensive location independence. In order to visualize the data of the photovoltaic system, Solarfox needs an external datalogger or an inverter with integrated datalogger. Datalogger and display must be connected to the internet via the following connection options. This has the advantage that you do not need direct cabling between the datalogger and the display. This allows you to select a location of the Solarfox display completely independent of location and very flexibly.

In order to visualize the data of the photovoltaic system, Solarfox needs an external datalogger or an inverter with integrated datalogger. Datalogger and display must be connected to the internet via the following connection

Additional information can be found here: interfaces.


Cumulation of solar power yields and CO2 savings

As an option, system data can also be summarized or cumulated. Solarfox automatically aggregates the individual revenues of the assets into a total revenue and displays them in individual charts. With the accumulated representation different manufacturers and systems can be visualized. In this way it is e.g. possible to cumulate the yield data of three photovoltaic systems with one Solar-Log datalogger, two photovoltaic systems with one SMA Sunny Webbox and two photovoltaic systems with one Meteocontrol weblog.

Various applications

Common application options are city halls or company headquarters. Yields from various locations and buildings will be made available to a broad public at a central location. Due to the cumulative presentation, the CO2 savings and the total yield can be visualized here. At the same time, the system is future-proof and can subsequently accommodate additional systems.

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