Expansion of product portfolio

Solarfox® introduces a new SF 100 - series to the market

We are expanding our existing product range with a low-priced entry-level series and are thereby offering a very appealing price-performance basis. If you value cost-optimised functionality, you will discover an unbeatable offer for novices in our new model series.

The SF-100 series is designed for an installation in the interior area and sets itself apart through a robust hardware and high functionality. The displays can be operated up to 10 hours daily and can be switched on and off through via a time switch function.

Product range

  • LED display
  • built-in control computer SC 100 with software
  • 15° tilting wall mount
  • cable and accessories
  • internet connection (LAN, WIFI, UMTS/LTE)
  • online management
  • 7 different slide images and views

availability: Q2/2016

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