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Solar Dashboard for SMA solar monitoring components

With the SMA Portal, system operators and installers have access to the most important data of their photovoltaic system at any time. When it comes to analysing measured values or visualising yields, Sunny Portal leaves hardly any wish unfulfilled.
Solar large displays from solarfox can call up the data from the Sunny Portal and are therefore compatible with all components.
For the use of a photovoltaic display to illustrate energy data, only an Internet connection is required on site. The system is thus compatible with any photovoltaic system with inverters or components from SMA, the only requirement being an Internet connection via LAN or WLAN. This has the advantage that you do not need any direct cabling between the inverter or monitoring components and the large solar displays. This gives you maximum flexibility to select any location for the solar display installation

Solarfox® as an alternative to the SMA Matrix

SMA discontinued production of the SMA matrix several years ago. This was a large solar display with LED ticker. Since the SMA matrix is no longer available, the Solarfox system offers you a suitable alternative solution with additional functions.

If the data of a PV system is recorded via SMA home manager, Solarfox® can also display the energy efficiency of the building or the degree of self-sufficiency in addition to the yielded values of the photovoltaic system .

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The connections to the SMA Sunnyportal and Ennex OS Portal require a yearly subscription. More information on this can be found here.   (MORE)

Solar Großdisplay von Solarfox
Easy to combine: SMA and Solarfox solar display

Communication between SMA Sunnyportal and Solar Display


  1. The photovoltaic system generates direct current.
  2. The inverter converts the solar energy into alternating current (solar power).
  3. The yielded information is transferred directly from the inverter or monitoring component (e.g. webbox, cluster controller)  to the Internet.
  4. After a Solarfox online account has been created, the Solarfox® web server accesses the data in the SMA Sunny Portal and generates a slideshow that you can configure individually via web browser.
  5. The Solarfox® display retrieves the data from the web server via the Internet and displays the data in an attractive visual slideshow. For this purpose, the Solarfox display only needs to retrieve data via the Internet through port 80.

The following SMA products are compatible:

All SMA inverters are visualised via the SMA Sunnyportal/Ennex OS. Compatible models:

  • Webconnect (All Inverters)
  • Home Manager
  • Data Manager M (Ennex OS) 
  • Webbox
  • Cluster Controller
  • Energy meter (Only in combination with Cluster Controller, Homemanager or Data Manager)
  • String monitor


The following data can be displayed if the data is available in the Sunny Portal:

  • Visualisation of power and power yield
  • Display of power consumption / internal consumption
  • Energy flow and storage status
  • Visualisation of energy self-sufficiency
  • Further data on request


SMA provides plant operators with various systems for plant monitoring (PV monitoring). The system data is transmitted to the SMA Sunny Portal or the SMA Ennex OS Portal. Special web-based data interfaces are required so that this data can be accessed by third-party systems such as SOLARFOX®. This means that there is server-based communication between SOLARFOX® and SMA in which the required raw data is transmitted automatically. SMA has introduced a new chargeable interface for this data retrieval. In order to ensure the simplest and most customer-friendly process possible for system operators and installers, SOLARFOX® covers the connection of the system and the billing in one process.  
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Visualisation via SMA Sunny Portal and combination with other systems and inverters

A Solarfox display is not only compatible with the SMA Sunny Portal, but also with numerous other solar monitoring systems and can visualise several systems simultaneously on a single display across different manufacturers.

Advantages SMA Sunny Portal and Solarfox®

Visualisation of several SMA systems

Solarfox® large displays can visualise the power yield or power consumption of different photovoltaic or generation systems. The power yield can be visualised cumulatively or individually or per system. At the same time, the electricity yield or own consumption from the portals of other manufacturers can be displayed.

Location-independentce of the respective photovoltaic system

The visualisation is completely independent of the location of the photovoltaic system. Since the yields are called up centrally by the SMA Sunny Portal, the power yield can be displayed via the Internet at any location.

Convenient online administration

A comfortable online administration gives you access to all contents of the display at any time. You can easily change or add content with any web browser. Internet access is enough. If it is necessary to update or correct its yielded data in the portal, a solar display board can take over this data quickly and easily.

Solar dashboard for different power systems

Solarfox displays not only combine the yields of the SMA portal or other different monitoring systems, but also visualise other forms of energy such as wind power, biomass, or CHP plants.

Visualization of several photovoltaic systems of the SMA Sunny Portal

With a Solarfox display it is possible to visualize several data sources or solar systems of the SMA Sunny Portal on one monitor.

Solarfox Ticket