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Meteocontrol develops powerful monitoring systems that are compatible with many inverters and provides the data in the monitoring portal VCOM and the safer'Sun portal. With the Meteocontrol VCOM or safer'Sun portal, system operators and installers have access to the most important data of their photovoltaic system at any time. When it comes to analysing measured values or visualising yields, the VCOM portal leaves almost nothing to be desired.
Solar displays from Solarfox can call up the data directly from Meteocontrol and are therefore compatible with all components.
For the use of a photovoltaic display to illustrate energy data, only an Internet connection is required on site. The system is thus compatible with any photovoltaic system, the only requirement is an Internet connection via LAN or WLAN. This has the advantage that you do not need any direct cabling between the inverter or monitoring components and the large solar displays. This gives you maximum flexibility to select any location for the solar display installation.
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Solar display from Solarfox
Easy to combine: Meteocontrol and Solarfox solar display

With the help of a computer or web browser, you can change the contents of the display at any time and access the display from anywhere. An Internet connection is all that is necessary.

The following Meteocontrol products are compatible

Inverter data is visualised via the Meteocontrol portals:

  • Meteocontrol VCOM portal
  • Meteocontrol safer'Sun portal
  • WEB'log or blue'Log® X series

The following data can be displayed if the data is available in the VCOM portal:

  • Visualisation of power and power yield
  • Display of current consumption / own consumption
  • further data on request

Visualisation via Meteocontrol safer'Sun portal and combination with other systems and inverters

A Solarfox display is not only compatible with Meteocontrol safer'Sun or VCOM portal, but also with numerous other solar monitoring systems and can visualise several systems simultaneously on a single display across different manufacturers.

Communication between Meteocontrol and Solarfox display

  1. The photovoltaic system generates direct current.
  2. The inverter converts the solar energy into alternating current (solar power).
  3. The yielded information is transferred directly from the inverter or monitoring component (e.g. webbox, cluster controller)  to the Internet.
  4. This data is sent to the safer'Sun Portal or an FTP server.
  5. After a Solarfox online account has been created, the Solarfox® web server accesses the data in the safer'Sun portal or VCOM portal and generates a slideshow that you can configure individually via web browser.
  6. The Solarfox® display retrieves the data from the web server via the Internet and then displays the data in an attractive visual slideshow. For this purpose, the Solarfox display only needs to retrieve data via the Internet through port 80.
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