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Solar display for ABB inverters (and former Power One)

ABB Solar inverters can be connected to external monitoring systems via fieldbuses and remote monitoring options. This portfolio is complemented by a range of data loggers and controllers, as well as connection boxes and environmental sensors. ABB's remote monitoring portal "Aurora Vision" is a solution tailored to the photovoltaic industry and helps monitor and analyse the plant condition, performance, and power generation.

Displays from Solarfox can call up the data directly from the ABB Aurora Vision Portal, making it completely independent of the location of the photovoltaic system. The system is thus compatible with all photovoltaic systems with ABB inverters or components, the only requirement being an Internet connection via LAN or WLAN. This has the advantage that you do not need any direct cabling between the inverter or monitoring components and the large solar display. This gives you maximum flexibility to select any location for the solar display installation.
Solarfox displays are also compatible with ABB Plant Viewer, a browser-based monitoring solution for end customers. Plant Viewer allows homeowners and entrepreneurs to track the energy produced by a solar system. With Plant Viewer, users can track key performance indicators in terms of energy. Solarfox displays can call up these data and use them for visualisation on large solar displays.
Of course you can also connect a data logger (e.g. Meteocontrol or Solar-Log) to your inverter. In this case, the data is retrieved from the server of the respective data logger manufacturer or an FTP server.
Solarfox displays are also compatible with older Power One inverters that transfer their data to the ABB Aurora portal. 
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Solar Großdisplay von Solarfox
Easy to combine: ABB and Solarfox solar display

Communication between ABB Aurora Vision portal and Solarfox display

  1. The photovoltaic system generates direct current.
  2. The inverter converts the solar energy into alternating current (solar power).
  3. The yielded information is transferred directly from the inverter or monitoring component to the Internet. (Of course you can also use a data logger, e.g. from Solar-log or Meteocontrol.)
  4. After a Solarfox online account has been created, our web server accesses the data in the ABB Aurora Vision Portal and generates a slideshow that you can configure individually via web browser.
  5. The Solarfox® display retrieves the data from the web server via the Internet and displays the data in an attractive visual slideshow. To do this, the solar display only needs to retrieve data via the Internet thorugh port 80.

The following ABB products are compatible

Compatible components: 

  • PVI / UBO Single-phase string inverters
  • PRO / PVI / TRIO Three-phase string inverters
  • PVS ULTRA  Central inverter
  • VSN300 WIFI Logger
  • VSN700 Data Logger
  • ABB Plant Viewer
  • All ABB systems sending data to the Aurora Vision Portal
  • All Power One systems that send data to the Aurora Vision Portal

The following data can be displayed if the data is available in the ABB Portal:

  • Visualisation of performance and yield
  • Further data on request

It does not matter how large your system is or how high the nominal output (kWp) of the system is. Solarfox does not charge any monthly or annual fees.

ABB Aurora Vision and combination with other systems and inverters

A Solarfox display is the ideal addition to the ABB Aurora Vision Portal for system monitoring. It is also compatible with numerous other solar monitoring systems and data loggers such as Solar-log, Meteocontrol, Kaco Powador, etc. It can display several systems simultaneously on a single display from different manufacturers.

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