Solarfox® display transforms into innovative bulletin board

Endless possibilities, easy handling

The new Foxdesigner tool enables you to extend the Solarfox® display into an innovative bulletin board. Since it runs in the cloud you can use it wherever you happen to need it. It offers you the leeway to custom design and edit your own content and to display animated presentations.  Your own backgrounds, text blocks and images can be turned into individually designed content for the innovative bulletin board. Even web pages and RSS feeds can easily be integrated in order to convey information to the viewers.


  • Animated content
  • Customise the background
  • Insert images (photos, logos, etc.)
  • Paste text blocks
  • Embed RSS feed
  • Incorporate external websites
  • Add styles (Polaroids, post-its, stickies, etc.)
  • Add shapes (logos, forms, icons, etc.)
  • Insert a clock (analogue/digital)
  • Integration of energy output data
  • combination of almost all functions

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