Can I play TV programs, movie or music files on the display?

The Solarfox monitors have no integrated TV function. However, an external TV tuner and speakers can be connected. With the help of the remote control you can then switch between the TV program and Solarfox content. Also, this change can be done automatically on individual models via the screen timer. Depending on the model, the screens have one or more HDMI ports.


Solarfox displays can also play video files (MP4 - H.264), provided it is a model> = BJ 2017 (Solarfox SC-2000) You can include video files in the Solarfox slideshow as a video sequence. The monitors also have a USB input. In this way it is possible to play video files directly from a USB stick.


The SF-300 and SF-400 series usually have no speakers or are not prepared for playing sound. If you want an audio output on these models, this can be rebuilt or upgraded. If you have any questions about the realization of video and audio material on a Solarfox display, please contact our sales department at sales@solar-fox.com


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Solarfox offers you a large solar display with innovative options

Solarfox displays visualize the yield data of a photovoltaic system in the form of a slideshow, which consists of a large number of alternating graphs, which appear in a temporal sequence. Pictures, layout and coloring can be customized. No technical background is required for this. [Nbsp] The comfortable Solarfox online administration allows a quick and easy change of all contents. Below we will show you a selection of different design examples.

Solarfox offers you an easy and intuitive software. This is web-based and can be operated with any conventional web browser. This allows you to manage any Solarfox display anywhere and configure it remotely via the internet. Upload your own picture motives and add your own logos and colors. You can influence the content, the order, the timing and the design at any time. The convenient online administration offers you numerous functions without affecting the operability. Familiarize yourself with our software and take a look at our demoversion

Innovative bulletin board &

Solar large display

Simple and intuitive operation

For all software components, care was taken to ensure that
they are as easy to use as possible. The Solarfox® Software
can therefore be used without lengthy training.
The functions are self-explanatory and intuitive to use.

Digital notices (PDF & Co.)

The system is particularly suitable for "digital notices". Simply fade in your own texts, images, PDF files as well as Office files or web pages. All information can be played in a transmission loop.

Add your own texts and pictures

Simply upload your own texts and images. Not only can you determine the display and position, but you can also determine when this information is displayed.

Time-controlled display

If you want certain information to appear at a specific time, or if you only want it to be visible for a limited time, you can define all the necessary settings for this in the online administration.

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