How long does the commissioning of the Solarfox take?

In about 30 minutes, The system can be set up in about 30 minutes with no prior knowledge  since the installation itself is done in a few steps and an onscreen setup wizard will guide you step by step in setting it up.

The following calculation will spare you the hassle of calculating the cost and planing the installation of a Solarfox® display. The following calculation assumes that electricity and network connection (LAN or WLAN) to the installation location already exist.




1) drill four holes and attach the plug

approx. 10 min

2) mounting the wall mount plate

approx. 5 min

3) Mounting of the display and connection of power cable and LAN cable

approx. 5 min

4) Registration of the display under http://setup.solar-fox.de Hotel (If before installation to be made from any computer via a web form) The access data will be immediately from sent to system via email.

about 5-10 min

5) implementing the display setup and configuration of the Solarfox® displays using a USB keyboard

5 min


30-35 minutes

For a quick and smooth installation and commissioning of the Solarfox® displays we recommend installation in advance to coordinate all necessary information with the IT managers (Administrator). To do this, use our Checklist. This ensures that there is an internet connection on site and all the necessary data are available.

Please use our instructions for installers this will help you to plan the installation beforehand.

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Did you know that... ?

Discover your possibilities

Solarfox® Foxdesigner

The new Foxdesigner turns the Solarfox® display into an innovative bulletin board. In no time at all, you can display your own content such as pictures and texts on the display with just a few mouse clicks. Operation is child's play and the functions can be used intuitively, a web browser is sufficient.

Versatile functions

Display your own texts, images, PDF and Office files or web pages.

Einfache Bedienung

Alle Funktionen sind selbsterklärend und geben Razm für viel Kreativität.

Individuelle Inhalte

Form und Inhalt der Botschaft können jederzeit geändert werden.

Overview of functions

  • Insert your own texts, images and logos
  • Adaptation of background images
  • Integration of external websites or HTML pages
  • Integration of RSS feeds
  • Adding different icons and shapes (clip arts)
  • News ticker in the footer to show current news
  • Adding an analog or digital clock with individual design
  • Automatic alignment and positioning of elements
  • Grouping of elements and objects
  • Show data variables to display yield data

Examples of use

Innovative bulletin board


Simple and intuitive operation

For all software components, care was taken to ensure that
they are as easy to use as possible. The Solarfox® Software
can therefore be used without lengthy training.
The functions are self-explanatory and intuitive to use.

Digitale Aushänge (PDF & Co.)

Das System eignet sich insbesondere für „Digitale Aushänge“. Blenden Sie einfach eigene Texte, Bilder, PDF sowie Office- Dateien oder Webseiten ein. Alle Informationen können in einer Sendeschleife abgespielt werden.

Eigene Texte und Bilder ergänzen

Laden Sie einfach eigene Texte und Bilder hoch. Sie können nicht nur die Darstellung und Position selbst festlegen sondern auch bestimmen wann diese Informationen angezeigt werden.

Zeitgesteuerte Anzeige

Wenn bestimmte Informationen zu einem festgelegten Zeitpunkt erscheinen sollen oder diese nur zeitlich begrenzt sichtbar sein sollen, können Sie hierzu in der Onlineverwaltung alle erforderlichen Einstellungen festlegen.

Solarfox Ticket