SMARTFOX Monitoring

Solarfox® Solar Display & SMARTFOX

SMARTFOX Solar Monitoring

Solar display for SMARTFOX solar monitoring

With the SMARTFOX web portal, owners of photovoltaic systems can monitor their power generation and system status. Solarfox displays can retrieve and visualise the data from the SMARTFOX portal.

For the use of a Solarfox® display to visualise the energy data, only an Internet connection is required on site. The system is thus compatible with any photovoltaic system with SMARTFOX inverters, the only requirement being an Internet connection via LAN or WLAN. This has the advantage that you do not need any direct cabling between the SMARTFOX monitoring and the Solarfox display. This gives you maximum flexibility to select any location for the solar display installation.

Display options of the solar display

  • General information about the photovoltaic system
  • Current plant output (plant capacity utilisation)
  • Visualisation of the power yield
    (daily, monthly, annual, and total yield)
  • CO2 avoidance
  • Weather forecast
  • Sunrise and sunset
  • Own information or advertising content (texts and images)
  • Dashboard - All information at a glance
  • Optional: visitor welcome, videos, PDF files, etc.


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Solar display - Solar dashboard from Solarfox
The ideal combination: SMARTFOX and Solarfox solar display

Communication between SMARTFOX and Solarfox display

  1. The photovoltaic system generates direct current.
  2. The SMARTFOX micro-inverter converts solar energy into alternating current.
  3. The yielded information is transmitted directly from the SMARTFOX micro-inverters to the SMARTFOX monitoring portal on the Internet.
  4. After a Solarfox online account has been created, the Solarfox® web server accesses the data in the SMARTFOX Monitoring Portal and generates a slideshow that you can configure individually via web browser.
  5. The Solarfox® display accesses the data of the Solarfox web server via the Internet and displays the data as a slideshow in a visually appealing way. To do this, the display only needs to retrieve data via the Internet through port 80.

SMARTFOX Solar Monitoring and combination with other systems

The Solarfox system is not only compatible with SMARTFOX, but also with numerous other solar monitoring systems and can visualise several systems from different manufacturers.

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