Photovoltaic system
Monitoring system
Solarfox display

Location-independent. Easy to install.

Flexible data communication

Solarfox® displays can be connected to nearly any photovoltaic system. The data communication takes place via the internet and thus provides a very extensive location-independency.

So that Solarfox® is able to visualise the data of the photovoltaic plant, an external data logger or an inverter with an integrated data logger is required. The data logger and the display must be connected to the internet using the following connection variants. This has the advantage that no direct wiring between the data logger and display is needed. Thus, a site for your Solarfox® display can be chosen completely location-independently and is spatially very flexibly.

Communication between PV system and Solarfox® display

  1. The photovoltaic system generates direct current
  2. The power inverter converts it to alternating current and transfers the production data to a data logger (e.g. Solar-Log or Meteocontrol Weblog) or directly into a monitoring portal (e.g. SMA Sunnyportal).
  3. The data logger or inverter transmits data to the internet (e.g. through connection to a router).
  4. The data is transferred to a portal or to a FTP server.
  5. The Solarfox ® Web server accesses this data and generates a slide show, which can be individually configured via a web browser.
  6. The Solarfox ® display accesses the data via the internet and then shows the data in a visually appealing slide show.

By using a computer or web browser the content of the display can be changed at any time. You can access the display regardless of your location.  An internet connection is sufficient.

Interfaces and compatible monitoring systems

The Solarfox® system is compatible with numerous monitoring systems and can visualise multiple systems across various manufacturers.


Visualisation of multiple installations and systems

Solarfox® displays can show the output data of various photovoltaic and/or production systems. Within that, the output data can be shown cumulatively or individually/per system across various manufacturers.

Independent of the system’s location

The visualisation is completely independent of the location of the generating system. Via the internet, the data can be displayed at any desired location.

Attractive online design

A convenient online management gives you access to all of the display’s content at any time. You can very easily change or supplement all content with any web browser. An internet connection suffices.

Display different energy systems

Solarfox® displays can not only merge the output data from different monitoring systems, providers and brands, but can also visualise other forms of renewable energy such as wind power, biomass or CHPs.

Individuality & flexibility

Solarfox® displays to visualise multiple data sources or PV systems on one device.

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