Installation and Setup

Can a Solarfox display be used outdoors?

The Solarfox SF-600 series displays are specially designed for outdoor use and meet the IP-56 protection standard.

All SF-600 models feature a rugged metal housing and temperature-controlled ventilation and interior heating. On especially hot or cold days this ensures an optimum temperature for the electronics. The housing designed to provide a robust protection for water, dust and moisture.


The SF-100 / SF-300 series is only intended for indoor use.

Which connections are needed?

Two power connections (230V) as well as an access to the Internet (network cable or a network connection) are required. If there is no network connection at the installation site, but only a power connection, you can use a powerline adapter that sends the network signal via the power line. The devices of the SF-300 series (from BJ 2016) are equipped with an integrated WLAN antenna. For the SF-100 series an optional WLAN stick, available at Solarfox, can be used. Your own Wi-Fi USB adapters are not supported. If there is no internet connection on site, the display can be connected to a mobile radio router.


Further information about the installation can be found in our installation instructions. Category: Service -> Tenders and Planning.

Can I hang up the display in the window?


Depending on the light, this is possible. In bright light or direct sunlight it can cause a reduced readability. We recommend you to use transreflective displays in these cases which have high brightness values ​​of more than 700 cd / m². This is a special version. Please contact our sales departmend by phone in this case.

Where can the Solarfox display be mounted?

You can always attach displays of the SF-100 / SF-300 series to any indoor wall. The prerequisite is that the wall has the necessary load capacity. For cavity walls, appropriate cavity dowels must be used. If there is no wall mounting option, the display can also be equipped with a stand (monostrand / table stand) or a ceiling mount.

What data do I need to set up the system?

The display can be installed and set up within a few minutes. * www.solar-fox.de / inbetriebnahme.html * Then you only have to adapt the online presentation according to your demands. After initial installation, a default setting or presentation is already preset. The display must be registered online to display your system data. Then you will receive the access data (username and password) from us. These data must be entered as part of the display setup and then used to access your online administration to change the display contents.

How long does the commissioning of the Solarfox take?

In about 30 minutes, The system can be set up in about 30 minutes with no prior knowledge  since the installation itself is done in a few steps and an onscreen setup wizard will guide you step by step in setting it up.

The following calculation will spare you the hassle of calculating the cost and planing the installation of a Solarfox® display. The following calculation assumes that electricity and network connection (LAN or WLAN) to the installation location already exist.




1) drill four holes and attach the plug

approx. 10 min

2) mounting the wall mount plate

approx. 5 min

3) Mounting of the display and connection of power cable and LAN cable

approx. 5 min

4) Registration of the display under http://setup.solar-fox.de Hotel (If before installation to be made from any computer via a web form) The access data will be immediately from sent to system via email.

about 5-10 min

5) implementing the display setup and configuration of the Solarfox® displays using a USB keyboard

5 min


30-35 minutes

For a quick and smooth installation and commissioning of the Solarfox® displays we recommend installation in advance to coordinate all necessary information with the IT managers (Administrator). To do this, use our Checklist. This ensures that there is an internet connection on site and all the necessary data are available.

Please use our instructions for installers this will help you to plan the installation beforehand.

What is the average power consumption for the Solarfox?

The Solarfox control computer works with 1-5W power  depending on the size, the display requires about 1W in standby mode and for example, up to 35-50   Watt as with a 32" when in operation. You will find a complete overview of the consumption values of all models in our Product Overview and the relevant product details of Solarfox SF-300 series or Solarfox SF-600 series.

Electricity costs less than 1,00 EUR per month

At an average use of 8 hours per day on 225 working days and electricity costs by 0, 25 €/kWh, annual electricity for a Solarfox SF-300 24" (61cm) is estimated to approx. 11,00 EUR

Is the equipment including accessories or cables ?

Yes, the displays are all delivered with a tilt-able wall mount. Each unit comes with a 2m network cable and power cables. The wall distance of the display is approx. 6cm. Sockets can be positioned behind the display so that they are not visible from the front. However, the depth of the power supplies still needs to be considered. For further information, please refer to the Solarfox data sheet.

What speed does the Internet connection require?

Since Solarfox incorporates smart caching a cellular connection (UMTS / GPRS) is also possible . However, the charging process is considerably faster  when a powerful Internet connection is used. During the presentation, Solarfox automatically updates in the background at set intervals so that a slow internet connection will not be aproblem

Can one separately obtain the Solarfox software?

Solarfox attaches great importance to stable and reliable systems. We develop our software in close collaboration with a tested hardware configuration,making sure that  that operators and installers get a safe and low-maintenance system. Therefore, we support no stand-alone systems or existing hardware. This is the reason why the Solarfox software can't be purchased separately. Solarfox only sells complete systems and guarantees simultaneous high reliability.

Please note:

1) All components of the SOLARFOX® Display System are very closely matched. In doing so, we set great value upon low-maintenance and stable operation,
ease of use, quick and easy installation and safety. At the same time, we would like to offer our customers competent support and service. Without
this close coordination of the individual components, we could not belie your expectations.

2) The market has a very wide range of monitors, displays and TVs. The specifications of these devices differ in some cases significantly, this affects the configuration but also the technical characteristics. There are also firmware and software updates. Small deviations can already be a source of malfunction or error here. In addition, almost all of these manufacturers now come from Asia and usually roll out updates unannounced or do not provide updates or drivers at all. This results in either a security problem or a compatibility problem. This is especially true for Smart TVs, which are designed for the private consumer and not for commercial use.

3) We recommend companies in the photovoltaic industry and in particular installers, whose main focus is the installation of PV systems, a fundamental decision in this case. If your claim is to provide high quality craftsmanship and to offer your customers a high level of service, you should focus on your core competency. You provide a work service to the customer and owe a permanently functional system; at the same time your customer should
experience a positive overall impression. This claim cannot be combined with a craft solution using e.g. upgrading existing or own monitors and/or creating
an isolated solution. The lifespan of such constructs is usually rather short-lived, and malfunctions and service operations are inevitable. It often follows discussions with customers about costs or goodwill. It may be true that the customer saved a few Euros in the purchase, but the installer and end customer are both the ‚victim‘ in the end. Often, the installer is left with the costs, because he owes a functional work performance, while the customer remembers the craft solution as a bad impression. In many cases, the end customer also received no help at all, if the knowledge is lost due to normal employee turnover at the installing company.

I already have a TV, can I use it?

Conventional LCD or LED TVs are usually designed for a daily operating time of 3-5 hours by the manufacturer (Phillips, Samsung, LG, etc.). If the devices are used in continuous operation (> 5 hours), this leads in the medium term to a reduced playback performance on most models. The picture becomes cloudy or gets a white veil. In these cases, a complaint is usually unsuccessful, as manufacturers reject warranty claims.

Solarfox® therefore uses special monitors that are designed for continuous operation and can be operated up to 24 hours a day. A daily timer can turn the unit on and off at a specific time. In addition, the devices have an IPS panel, which allows improved brightness from different viewing angles.

The brand Solarfox® combines a high standard of quality and performance. Therefore, we cannot support existing systems, as this usually only provides insufficient support, so Solarfox® only offers complete systems that work with Plug & Play. For them we offer the best possible operational safety

Security and Garantees

How is the display updated after configuration changes?

Saved changes to the Solarfox slideshow configuration will not be shown on the solar display until the "Refresh icon" (circular arrows) in the top menu line is clicked. The Solarfox control computer then checks for any changes within the next approx. 5 minutes and then accepts them for display on the solar display. IMPORTANT: It is mandatory to press the "Save" button before reloading!


Before doing so, you have the option to review changes made in a presentation preview in your online administration. Simply click on the "Playback symbol" in the upper menu line. The slideshow will now be started and displayed directly in your browser.

What happens in case of a system failure?

All Solarfox displays are equipped with a buffer function. In the event of a failure of the data web server or data logger portal, the Solarfox web server takes over using a bridging function. Any yield values that have been calculated and displayed by that time will continue to be displayed. For the duration of the server failure, however, no current yield values can be displayed. As soon as the server of the monitoring system is accessible again, the Solarfox system synchronizes itself automatically. This procedure ensures that a system failure is basically unrecognizable to people looking at the display.

How can the system be protected from vandalism?

It is possible to attach a metal housing with protection glass made of Plexiglas to the display. This, the display can be largely protected from outside influences. Such a solution may occur E.g. in schools or public buildings with high traffic use.

Is there a backup or “save” function?

The Solarfox web server stores all data and performs database backups at regular intervals. Your individual yields and setting data are thus secured. You also have the option to save your slideshow with the Solarfox online administration. You can do this in the Slideshow Manager at any time after a change to create a backup. If required, this can be reactivated and restored with a mouse click. Please note that we can’t recover individual elements, e.g. if they were deleted accidentally.

What happens in the event of a system failure?

All Solarfox displays are equipped with caching capabilities. In case of failure of the data Web server (E.g. solar log Web) Solarfox Web server performs a bridging function. All output values that were detected and shown up to this point  will continue to be displayed. However, no yield values ​​can be displayed for the duration of the Solarlog server failure. Once the Solarlog Web server is reachable again

In what temperature range can the displays be operated?

The SF-100 / SF-300 series units are designed for ordinary indoor temperatures 5° C - 35° C. The SF-600 series can to be used for a temperature ranges of -30° - +50° C.

Can / may I make technical changes to the system?

, A technical intervention in the hardware or system configuration of the display or control computer is not possible. In this case, all guarantees expire. The warranty will be void by opening the warranty seal.

What guarantee is applied on what parts of the system?

The SF-100/SF-300 display series feature a manufacturer's warranty of 36 months. For the control computer, a guarantee of 24 months is given.

Software and Operation

How can I change the presentation, do I have to be on site?

No, the presentation content or the display can be configured from any computer with an Internet connection regardless of location. All you need is a web browser (Firefox or Google Chrome) and the access data for your online account, the location does not matter – whether it's from your office or at home or even while on vacation.

Can multiple displays be controlled from one location?

Yes. Since Solarfox offers convenient online management, you can manage any number of accounts or slideshows in parallel from one location. As a rule of thumb, it is not necessary for you to change the settings "on site". However, it may be necessary, e.g. in case of any defects or network problems, that the settings must be changed locally via a USB keyboard.

Photovoltaik Anzeigetafel zur Visualisierung mehrerer PV-Anlagen
Visualisierung mehrerer PV-Anlagen

Can I display individual messages on the screen?

Yes  the "foxdesigner" module allows individual messages and text output.

Can the energy data be displayed on multiple monitors?

Yes. A system can be represented by any number Solarfox monitors. She could install location independent multiple displays in large buildings in this way.

Can I display promotional information on the screen?

Yes  Solarfox offers the possibility to include your own pictures in the presentation. Here, your creativity knows no limits. You can reference images

How many pictures can I upload?

To ensure a reasonable loading time of the slideshow, you can upload a maximum of 50 images per slideshow. A larger file containing more than 50 different views is usually desired only in very rare cases, since this often also leads to the viewers losing overview and the presentation taking too long.

Which modules are included in the standard version?

For a list of standard modules and add-on modules for the SF-100 and SF-300/600 series, see Solarfox product comparison

Can several screens be controlled simultaneously?

Yes. Since Solarfox offers a convenient online management  several accounts can be managed and configured in parallel from a single location. Here, it is not necessary  that you do the settings "on site".

Can I try the features of Solarfox in a preview?

You can register non-binding demo account at https://www.solar-fox.com/en/trial-version.html for free . You do not need to install any software on your computer. A web browser with Internet access is sufficient. Please note that the demo account will automatically be deactivated after 40 days, if you wish to extend the trial period, please contact our support

Solarfox Onlinemanagement

How do I add a slideshow?


Open the left navigation and click ""Add"" under slideshows. Please note that only a slideshow is supplied with each display. However additional slideshows can be ordered in our Web shop.

If you want to add only one new module so you can pull the desired module from the available content at the end of the slideshow on the ""+""   character from the right sidebar. Thus, a new slide is added to the desired module.


How many slideshows can I add?

Basically a slideshow in the price is included when purchasing a Solarfox displays. You can add more stuff in your Kudnenaccount charges at any time. Basically, there is not a restriction. Also a slideshow is complemented with any newly added display.

An additional slideshow can be used only temporarily to display certain content. Take for example when an event or a promotion period on the display special content to display. In this way, you can start presentation 1 or 2 with 1-2 of clicks of the mouse on the display.

How many slides per slideshow can I include?

A Solarfox Solar Display can display different slides in a predefined sequence. The slides on the Solar display are displayed one after the other for a certain display duration. The number of slides can be set by you. The maximum number of slides is 50 (SF-300/600) and 10 slides in the SF-100 series.

How is the content updated on the screen?

Saved changes to the Solarfox Slideshow configuration are only shown on the solar display when the "Update" icon (arrows arranged in a circle) in the upper menu line is clicked. The Solarfox control computer then checks for any changes in the next approx. 5 minutes and accepts these for display on the solar display.

Before that you have the possibility to check the changes made in a presentation preview in your online administration. Simply click on the "Playback symbol" in the upper menu line. The slideshow will now be executed and displayed directly in your browser.

How do I add a slide in a slideshow?

Select the type of the slides in the right navigation bar under ""Content"" and then drag it to the blank slide icon.

You can add a new module by pulling from the right sidebar and select the desired module from the available content at the end of the slideshow on the ""+"". Thus, a new slide is added to the desired module.

To change the order of the individual slides you must click on the 'cross 'symbol with the left mouse button in the upper-left corner of the respective slides and hold then you can drag the slide to the desired position.

Can I subsequently add a slide?

You can always more slides. Using the drag-and-drop function, simply drag the desired slide module from the ""available content"" section at the bottom right to the desired location in your slideshow.

To change the order of the individual slides you have to click on the 'cross 'symbol with the left mouse button in the upper-left corner of the respective slides and hold then you can drag the slide to the desired position.

Can I also add my own text and pictures to the slides?

This is possible by simply using the free text or Fox Designer slide module from the available content or by adding an image module.

You can upload your own images from your desktop or computer and insert them as a background image of a slide. Here you can, for example, use pictures from your digital camera. JPG or PNG files can be uploaded.

Uploading images is done in the following order:

  1. Step: click on the yellow "Image upload" button in the right sidebar. A file browser opens.
  2. Step: find the image you want on your computer and click "Open."
  3. Step: select the desired section of the image. The image is automatically cropped to the 16: 9 format of the Solarfox display. Then click on "Save". You will then find the uploaded image below the Upload button.

How do I upload my own image?

Select image upload at the right navigation under "wallpaper" and select your desired pictures It should however be Max 3 MB in size. You can upload up to 20 images at the same time.

You have the possibility to upload your own images from your desktop or from your computer and insert it as a background image of slides. Here, you can use E.g. pictures from your digital camera. JPG or PNG files can be uploaded.

The image upload is done in the following order:

  1. Step: click on the yellow "Image upload" button in the right sidebar. A file browser opens.
  2. Step: locate the desired photo on your computer and click "Open".
  3. Step: select the desired image section. The image is automatically cropped to the 16:9 format of the Solarfox display. Then click "Save". You will find the uploaded picture then below the upload button.

Can I put a picture as wallpaper in the Slide?

You can always change the background image of slides and store in this way such as a picture of your photovoltaic system

First of all upload your own pictures in the Solarfox online management and simply pull the desired image to a slide of your choice by drag & drop. To do this, move the mouse cursor over to the uploaded image and hold down the left mouse button Drag the image to the desired slide and release the mouse button.

Then the newly deposited background image wil be displayed in the slideshow.


How do I edit a slide?

You can edit a slide by clicking on the wrench symbol below the image of the slide and adding all the important information there.

Each slide module has individual adjustment options. These are based on the content of the respective module. At this point we refrain from discussing each module individually. Detailed information can be found in our instructions under point 2.7.

Can I edit several slides at the same time?

Click on the icon with the test tube on the menu bar (top bar) to access the template settings. Each Solarfox slideshow's layout, design and content can be controlled centrally using the template settings.

In the template you can create a master template settings for your templates Save and transfer or apply to all other slides. This allows you to quickly find a matching appearance for the individual slides. You can also review and adjust the slides individually expand the desired slide and change the desired parameters. To apply all changes, click on the button "Apply settings".


How do I edit the order of the slideshow?

You can drag & drop each slide to the desired position.

To change the order of the individual slides you have to click on the 'cross 'symbol with the left mouse button in the upper-left corner of the respective slides and hold then you can drag the slide to the desired position.

My slideshow is missing the data source?

You add a data source to a slide by dragging the desired data source from the sidebar on the left by drag & drop on the slide or click on the slide on the small pin in the lower right corner.

If you only want to add additional data source to single or a few slides you can also do this slide-related. Proceed as follows:

Step 1: in the online management, open the left sidebar.

Step 2: select the desired slideshow in the sidebar.

Step 3: Click on the desired slide at bottom right of "Set Datasource"

Step 4: it opens a window by using the existing data sources. Here you have to click in the box to assign a data source. Then, click on the ""Apply"" button.

Step 5: click on the preview icon to check the presentation.


How do I add a data source?

The left sidebar offers you the possibility to add more data sources. You can create exactly one source and a slideshow for each Solarfox display principle. If you want to display multiple data sources need a license for one or more additional data sources. Please refer to more information and prices our Web shop or our price list (these can be on request).

Add new data source to a slideshow

If you want to add an additional data source (E.g. more PV system or electricity) to all slide views of a slideshow you can do this in the slideshow overview.

  1. Step:                 Open the left sidebar, and under data sources, click ""Add""
  2. Step:                 Register the data source.
  3. Step:                 click on ""Home"" (House icon) at the top menu in the online management.
  4. Step:                 Click on the specific data source and hold down the mouse button. Drag the data source on the particular slideshow and release the mouse button.
  5. Step:                 Specify whether you want to replace or add the existing data source.
  6. Step:                 click on the particular slideshow and you call on a slide with the preview function or click on the ""play"" button


Add new data source to a slide

if you want to add an additional data source, only a single or a few slides can do this also slide-related. Proceed as follows :

  1. Step:                 open the left sidebar on the online mangement.
  2. Step:                 select the desired slideshow in the sidebar.
  3. Step:                 click on the desired slide at the bottom right of 'Set data source'.
  4. Step:                 It opens a window by using the existing data sources. Here you have to click in the box to assign a data source. Then, click on the ""Apply"" button.
  5. Step:                Click on the preview icon to check the presentation.


Can I add multiple data sources?

You can create a data source per display. You can add at any time but other data sources. For any display, a data source is first and therefore include a photovoltaic system. You can purchase additional data source packages inexpensively in our webshop.

When you assign multiple data sources to a slide, they are automatically assigned different colors so that each data source is recognizable. It is also possible to represent the total (cumulative)yields of data sources. For this you need (Configure Slide) on the wrench in a Click Slide. You enable the following boxes: "" returns with multiple data sources cumulate ""

Add new data source to a slideshow

If you want to add an additional data source (E.g. more PV system or electricity) to all slide views of a slideshow you can do this in the slideshow overview.

Step 1:                 Open the left sidebar, and under data sources, click ""Add""

Step 2:                 Register the data source.

Step 3:                 click on ""Home"" (House icon) at the top menu in the online management.

Step 4:                 Click on the specific data source and hold down the mouse button. Drag the data source on the particular slideshow and release the mouse button.

Step 5:                 Specify whether you want to replace or add the existing data source.

Step 6:                 click on the particular slideshow and you call on a slide with the preview function or click on the ""play"" button


Can a slide be displayed only at certain times?

With the slide timer, you can specify on which days and at what time a particular slide is displayed. The slide timer can be found on every slide on the left side (calendar icon).

How do I change the display duration?

You can change the display duration by clicking on the clock icon on the respective slide. Using the mouse, you can set the desired display duration by "+" and "-" or input with the keyboard. Then confirm with the hook symbol that the input should be applied and saved.


How long can I adjust the display duration?

The maximum display duration is 60 seconds.

Basically, you can also show timed slides. To do this, you can determine with the "timing" feature Ask on which days and at what time a certain slide is displayed. You can find slide time control (calendar icon)on the left side of every slide .

How can I hide some elements of a slideshow?

You might not want to display certain slides in of your slideshow so, you can hide it with a single mouse click and reactivate them again anyother time. We therefore recommend not to delete but to hide slides only.

In this way, you hide a slide:

Click on the desired slide module on the eye icon. The slide will be greyed out and the eye becomes transparent.   This shows you that the slide will not appear in the slideshow.

Then you just have to save only the slideshow and click on " display configuration " on the " display configuration “.

How do I add a new display?

In the left-hand sidebar you can add a further display your account. A new display can be created using the serial number. You can find the serial number of the back of the unit refer to the packaging of a product or the delivery note or invoice. A display serial number always starts with the name:   SFD   followed by an elfstelligen number (e.g. SFD2015xxxxxxx).

Can I show multiple slideshows on a display?

You have the possibility to assign one or more slideshows to a display . Drag an already created slideshow via drag & drop on the field, "slideshow assigned to". If you display multiple slideshows or pull on the box to set the slideshow order. To do this, also use the drag & drop function. The slideshows are then brought up in the numbered order.

Above the gears (top bar) in the slideshow settings you can upload a logo which is then displayed on the selected slides.

Select the desired slideshow with the left mouse button. Then go across to the top of the Slideshow Settings (gear), then click on image upload under the " Logo " region. Once a slide preview opens, you will need to upload your picture in the lower left corner on the "Upload picture" button. The picture then appears in the overview at the bottom. Here you can insert your picture drag [and] drop to any position in the slide. Then press the "Save" button on the upper right corner. The logo will be displayed in each slide on the desired position.


How do I add a news ticker?

The news ticker is a special module. To configure this in the online management the news ticker module has to be unlocked by the Solarfox support.

For the news ticker configuration, click the Slideshow Settings (gear) in the top navigation bar. Here you can enter an RSS feed or add your own texts. These are then displayed on each slide at the bottom. If you have entered the desired settings the news about the check box must be enabled.

The RSS feed slide module allows you to display an RSS feed. Here, only the address of the desired feed should be inserted (E.g. http://www.photovoltaik-guide.de/feed). You can set various options such as text length Number of feeds and layout settings are made. You can configure the slide via the wrench symbol.

How can I delete a slide?

To delete a slide you need to pull the desired slide by drag & drop on the Recycle Bin icon located on the lower right edge of the image.

Can I restore a deleted slide?

By clicking on the trashcan in the left sidebar, you can restore deleted slides, as well as slideshows and displays. Please note that if items are removed from the trashcan, they will be permanently deleted.

How do I delete an entire slideshow?

You can delete a whole slideshow by clicking on the trash can at the top right of the online administration.

Click on the concerned slideshow on the trash icon (below). You will be then prompted to confirm the name of the slideshow entered. The exact spelling should be noted. Caution: If you confirm the deletion all content will be deleted and cannot be restored.



What is included?

The scope of supply includes the solar display in the respective size, the Solarfox control computer incl. Solarfox software, a tilt-able wall mount and the accessories (e.g. network cable, power cable). Not included are: screws or dowels for fixing the wall bracket. The choice of suitable fastening material should be made on site by a craftsman or specialized company.

Is there a possibility to obtain a device on loan for a fair?

In order to do this, please contact Solarfox to clarify the exact terms.

In what languages ​​is Solarfox available in?

Solarfox displays support the following languages as standard: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch. This applies to the display setup as well as the online administration.

Where can I submit feedback and suggestions for improvement?

Solarfox always strives to receive customer requests and to further develop the system. You are welcome to use our live chat or send an e-mail to support@solar-fox.de.

Technical Issues

What is a datalogger? What do I need it for?

A data logger records and logs the performance data / power production of your solar power system. The datalogger sends the data to a web server. From there, the Solarfox system retrieves the data and displays it in visual form. In this case, a data exchange takes place through redundantly connected web servers

Can I plug the display directly to a data logger?

Now, you will need an Internet connection (LAN, Powerline, Wi-Fi, UMTS). A direct connection of the Solarfox display to a data logger like Meteocontrol Bluelog or Solar-Log is not possible. 

Can the system be turned on and off automatically?

The SF-300 / SF-600 series is equipped with a timer function (exception: SF-100/300 24 "), with the possibility of having a timer on the display and setting an individual time profile. Instructions for SE3D and SE3KE

Can I play TV programs, movie or music files on the display?

The Solarfox monitors have no integrated TV function. However, an external TV tuner and speakers can be connected. With the help of the remote control you can then switch between the TV program and Solarfox content. Also, this change can be done automatically on individual models via the screen timer. Depending on the model, the screens have one or more HDMI ports.


Solarfox displays can also play video files (MP4 - H.264), provided it is a model> = BJ 2017 (Solarfox SC-2000) You can include video files in the Solarfox slideshow as a video sequence. The monitors also have a USB input. In this way it is possible to play video files directly from a USB stick.


The SF-300 and SF-400 series usually have no speakers or are not prepared for playing sound. If you want an audio output on these models, this can be rebuilt or upgraded. If you have any questions about the realization of video and audio material on a Solarfox display, please contact our sales department at sales@solar-fox.com


Is a direct connection to the display needed?

No the display can be installed anywhere without direct connection to the data logger or monitoring system. All what you need is a connection the internet.