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Solar display &

Innovative bulletin board

Modify your content at any time

All content can be adapted to the user’s needs. Additionally, your own content, messages, images and videos can be added. There is also a large number of templates available. It is easily operated by means of a convenient online management via a web browser.


The new Foxdesigner provides a variety of functions and allows a great individual creative leeway. With just a few mouse clicks your own content, such as text and images can be added. Animation and dynamic content can also be easily configured.

Innovative bulletin board


Easy and intuitive handling

Care was taken that all software components are as easy
to use as possible. Therefore, the Solarfox® software
can be used without any lengthy training used.
The functions are self-explanatory and intuitive to use.

Digital posters (PDF & Co.)

The system is particularly suitable for "digital posters". Simply fade in your own texts, images, PDFs as well as Office files or websites. All information can be played on loop.

Add your own text and images

Simply upload your own text and images. You can not only set the appearance and position yourself but also determine when this information is displayed.

Timed display

If specific information is meant to be shown at a specific moment or these are only meant to be temporarily visible, you can make all these required settings in the online management.


  • User management with rights - and roller-system
  • Access via web browser regardless of the location
  • Individual layouts and customisation to your corporate design
  • Templates for different user groups
  • SSL encryption of all the data
  • Newsticker function / running text in the footer (optional)
  • Data retrieval via FTP, HTTP, or Google drive (optional)
  • Automatic syncing via Google drive (optional)
  • Display Google Calendar or Outlook / ical files (optional)
  • Connection to Google drive , Dropbox & co.

Application examples

flexible & customised

Solarfox® Foxdesigner

Create your own content with a few mouse clicks. A web browser is sufficient.

Many posibilities. Easy handling.

With Foxdesigner there are no limits for your ideas!

Leeway for your wishes and ideas

Solarfox® Foxdesigner leaves nothing to be desired. Freely design content based upon your imagination.


Solarfox Ticket


Solarfox sends its products to any destination in the world. If you prefer to buy our products at a local distributor please contact us for more information. 

Free demo version

If you would like to try out our online management of the displays with no strings attached, you can request our free demo version.

Solarfox Ticket