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Solarfox® Webpublic

Integrate solar power outputs on your website.

The Solarfox® Webpublic package allows you to integrate a Solarfox slide show on f.i. a company website. This way, the entire slide show content can be made available via the web.

100% compatibility

The size of the slideshow can be individually adjusted and adapted The maximum size of the generated content is 800 x 474 pixels. When accessing the web page, the slide show starts to play in the desired sequence. The webpublic-slide show can be easily integrated onto any existing website. There are no specific programming skills or software customisations required. The webpublic package is an add-on feature for existing Solarfox devices.
The Webpublic package only works in addition to a Solarfox®Display.

Code sample for your web page

You can copy the following code into your web page. If you want to create a customised slide show, you need a Solarfox Webpublic package which is subject to a fee.

Just select the text and copy it to the desired location in the HTML source code of your web page.
Feel free to implement that Solarfox® demoslideshow in your website. This service is free or charge.


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