Varied presentation.

Solarfox® offers visually appealing layouts that can be adapted to individual requirements at any time.

It is upon you to decide what is on the display!

All content can be customised with the Solarfox® online administration.

Make your sustainability visible now.

Appealing. Innovative. Effective.

Solarfox® School package

Representation examples for primary schools and kindergartens

The following slides are included as standard in the Solarfox school package.
In the SF-300 series, the views are also provided with additional animations .

Energy efficiency

Energy saving measures

Vivid sensitization of children and young people: A polar bear on an ice floe warns of too much energy consumption.

Does the school use more electricity than specified in the daily energy budget?
the ice floe melts and at the same time the water level rises.
All graphics are animated.  Solarfox sets with this feedback system
on scientific findings from behavioural psychology.
With so-called "nudges" (targeted messages for behavioural change) it is possible to change people's behaviour.
for sustainable consumption.