Solarfox® Solar Display &

Solarshow Version 1.0

Discontinuation of Solarfox® Slideshow Version 1.0

Please note that version 1.0 of our online management system will be discontinued shortly. If you have not yet switched to our more modern version, you should make a change as soon as possible so that the operation of your Solarfox display is also ensured in the future.  


Why is version 1.0 discontinued?

Version 1.0 of the Solarfox online management was launched in 2009. Since 2009 there have been many technical and legal changes. In 2013, we presented a completely newly developed version 2.0, which has been continuously developed and optimized in the meantime. This version has significantly more functions and an improved usability. Our current version (03.2018) offers enormous added value and meets the requirements of the current state of the art. If you have not made a change since then, you should do so immediately. 

At the end of May 2018 the european general data protection regulation (GDPR) will come into force, version 1.0 of our online administration will therefore be discontinued on 15.05.2018.  Therefore, switch your device to the current Solarfox online management (version 2) now. 



Solarfox® online management version 1
Solarfox® online management version 1
Solarfox® online management version 2
Solarfox® online management version 2

How do you know which version you are currently using?

You are still a user of version 1.0, if you log in under the following URL:

Solution for all Solarfox displays built after 09/2011

How can you change your account to the Solarfox online management version 2.0?

  1. Make a note of the serial number of your display. You will find them on the backside of the screen or on the delivery note / invoice. The serial number always starts with the character string SFD followed by an 11-digit number. 
  2. Register your display on our website under the following link:  
  3. During registration, you will be prompted to select a data source. If you are unsure, you can select "add data source later" .
  4. After registration you will receive an e-mail with access and configuration data. 
  5. Connect a USB keyboard to the Solarfox display. 
  6. The display setup menu starts automatically. Enter your access data in the setup. (display code and password). 
  7. The Solarfox display is now linked to the new online administration (version 2). 
  8. Remove the keyboard. The new slideshow is loaded. 
  9. You can now adapt the slideshow to your needs and, for example, store your own image motifs. 



Solution for Solarfox displays built before 09/2011

All models purchased before September 2011 can unfortunately no longer be operated with our new or current online management(version 2). Unfortunately, the hardware is not compatible or the hardware performance of these devices is not sufficient. 

Solarfox customers who have SF-200 displays and control computers built before 09/2011 have the option of upgrading their device with one of our cost-effective retrofit packages. That means a new control computer can be installed behind the monitor. In this way the new Solarfox Online Management 2.0 can be used with the existing device. 

If you are interested in our retrofit package, please contact our sales department: .
E-Mail:  / Phone: 06058-91638-10 



Port forwarding

Please make sure that the Solarfox display has access to the following IP addresses in the respective network. If a firewall exists, the releases have to be made accordingly.

1) - Port: TCP80, TCP443 -
2) - Port: TCP80, TCP443 -
3) - Port: TCP80, TCP443 -

The following URL is called from the display:


Interfaces - compatible monitoring systems