Changes to the IP addresses of the Solarfox web servers

Important changes are coming to the IP addresses of the SolarFox web servers for the connection between us and your SolarFox display. 

Please be advised, that the IP addresses of our servers will soon be updated in the near future. The IP addresses play an important role for the communication between the Solarfox displays and the Solarfox servers. As part of an upgrade to our network infrastructure, we will be updating three of our IP addresses in the coming weeks. We have invested considerable funds in the extension and expansion of the existing IT infrastructure, and with this update, we ask that you also prepare for this change when it is live to ensure a trouble-free transition to the update between our servers and your display.

Note: This change will be, for the most part, not affecting most clients whose SolarFox display is connected to a standard network setup. Only those who have in place a very strict network policy and firewall, will need to observe and react to these changes.

Last updated: August 2023.


Changes are now live!

Our team has rolled out the update to the web-server infrastructure, but with this, a few disruptions have arisen that we are already aware and working on. For clients experiencing connectivity issues upon starting the display, it may take up to 24 hours for DNS servers globally to reflect this change. It may also be necessary to reconfigure the network settings on site should the issue persist. If there is still an issue in connectivity, please reach out to our Support Team (

Last updated: 7th November 2023

The following IP addresses will be adjusted:  

Old Ports: (unaffected) 80, 443    
Old IP-Adress:
(Solarfox® Slideshow)
New IP-Adress:
Old IP-Adress:
(Solarfox® Slideshow - Status)
New IP-Adress:
Old IP-Adress:
(Solarfox® Update Service - Firmware)
New IP-Adress:

It is very important that you make the necessary changes to your IT infrastructure or contact the responsible persons in your company who can make these adjustments. Otherwise, the Solarfox displays will no longer be able to connect to the Solarfox servers and display the desired content. .

We therefore ask you to perform the following actions: 

1. Checking your network configuration and adjusting it if necessary: Please ensure that your routers, firewalls and other network components can correctly handle the new IP addresses of the Solarfox servers. If you do not have the technical knowledge to make these adjustments yourself, please contact the responsible IT administrator or your IT department to inform them of the new IP addresses and ask them to assist you with the configuration change.

2. Informing your employees or involved third parties: Notify all relevant persons who operate the Solarfox displays that the IP addresses will need to be updated in order to maintain the connection to the Solarfox servers. Be sure to also give them the new IP addresses so they can update them in their systems as needed.

We apologize in advance for any disruption this may cause, and thank you for your assistance with this important update to ensure a seamless transition for communication between the Solarfox displays and servers. Should you have any questions or concerns. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at or tel. 0049 6058 91638 10. 

Supported Interfaces: Compatible Monitoring Systems