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Are you a manufacturer and operator of a portal for monitoring energy data or a manufacturer of products in the field of renewable energies? Then you will find further information on this page on how to provide your data for the Solarfox® displays system. Solarfox® can basically connect any system that can provide data via internet communication. There are different variants with regard to interfaces and data communication.


How to provide your interface

Possible communication interfaces

Providing data via API

The abbreviation API stands for Application Programming Interface and describes a programming interface. The connection takes place at source code level. APIs are used in many applications and are used in the web environment in the form of web APIs. If your monitoring system already has an API solution with documentation, Solarfox® can connect it. The data communication then takes place between your monitoring system and the Solarfox® server system. The Solarfox® displays can then call up and visualise the data via the Internet.  


Providing data via FTP

FTP stands for "File Transfer Protocol".  FTP allows you to exchange data between different computers - for example, from your own computer to the storage space on a web server accessible via an Internet connection. The protocol works regardless of the operating systems and connection methods used. If you do not have your own FTP server, Solarfox® can provide an FTP account to which you can transfer data. 

As a suitable file format, you can work with so-called CSV files. The CSV file format (English: Comma-separated values) describes the structure of a text file for saving or exchanging simply structured data. The file name extension is .csv.


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Please use the following enquiry form if you are a manufacturer or monitoring provider and would like to find out more about possible cooperation with Solarfox®. Solarfox® has been cooperating with well-known companies in the energy sector for many years. We now support more than 50 different systems and are constantly expanding our portfolio. This creates a win-win situation for the cooperation partners. We would be happy to discuss the possibility of a future cooperation with you.  

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