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Installation and commissioning

Easy installation

Plug & Play installation: All accessories such as e.g. wall mounts and cables are included in the standard delivery. You merely need the appropriate dowels and screws.

Location-independent use

You merely need an internet connection via LAN (ethernet) or WIFI. Alternatively, a connection to a wireless router (UMTS/3G/LTE) is also possible.

Easy Setup Wizard

The initial configuration of the display is done via a standard USB keyboard in fewer than 5 minutes. You are a conveniently supported by a Setup Wizard throughout.

Easy installation

The steps for commissioning


Registration & Install


Auto setup

Let's go!


Solarfox® Setup Wizard

Register display online

After you have register the Solarfox® display on our website (, you will automatically receive the access data. The Solarfox® display can then be configured.   A standard USB keyboard can be used for this.

You will be assisted by a convenient Setup Wizard support through all steps.

Solarfox® Setup Wizard


The Solarfox® Setup Wizard guides you through the configuration of the display. To start the Setup Wizard you will need a standard USB keyboard. It needs to be attached to the controlling computer of the display.


USB Keyboard

Step 1 of 7

You have the option of connecting the Solarfox® display via LAN or WIFI. All SF-300 and SF-400 models as of model year 10/2015 have a WIFI function built in. A WIFI USB stick may be purchased in our shop for older models. (

Step 2 of 7

To integrate the display in an existing network, the network settings can be automatically obtained (DHCP) or manually entered. If you chose DHCP you can continue with step 4.

Step 3 of 7

If you have choosen to enter IP data manually, all settings can be configured in step 3.

Step 4 of 7

Each Solarfox® display is assigned a unique display code and password during the registration process. If you have already registered the display online before the operation, the display code is automatically detected and inserted. If you have not yet registered the device, a demo slide show is automatically stored. (See example on the left)

Step 5 of 7

Check all network settings. These are shown once more for a double-check.

Step 6 of 7

After all network settings have been made, the device conducts an automatic connection test. It establishes a connection to the Solarfox server for testing purposes.

Step 7 of 7

After all network settings have been made, the device conducts an automatic connection test. It establishes a connection to the Solarfox® server for testing purposes.


The Solarfox® display is now fully configured and the slide show may be started.


Solarfox® settings

Display configuration

You can set up additional, optional settings for each device. For example, a proxy server may be added or a daily reboot of the system can be scheduled. In addition to some other settings, you can reset the device to factory settings.